Value in Inpatient Pediatrics Network


Mission: To improve the quality and value of healthcare delivered to hospitalized children and their family members by supporting process improvement projects among member institutions and individuals in order to generate measurably better health outcomes.

Vision: To be the premier inpatient pediatric quality improvement (QI) collaborative network in the United States and Canada, assessing and performing pediatric quality projects, offering QI leadership training, and fostering partnerships to transform the delivery of hospital care for children.

The VIP Network provides support for QI Collaborative Projects that direct improve the quality of care for hospitalized children.  Specifically, we use the IOM's Operational Definition of Quality and its 6 Dimensions:

1. Safe

2. Effective

3. Efficient

4. Timely

5. Equitable

6. Patient Centered

Under this model, the VIP Network currently has 3 "Tracks" of QI Collaboratives that one may participate in: 

      1. Clinical Conditions

      2. Patient Safety

      3. Health Care Systems 

Each of these tracks currently have had at least 1 QI Collaborative that has been active in the past 12 months. Please review the website for more information on each.


The VIP Network is unique in the world of collaboratives in inpatient pediatrics.  It is physician driven.  It is a "bottoms-up" approach to learning from each other and disseminating best practice. Of course, energy from you all is only part of the equation. 

We would like to thank the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) for previously funding VIP Network teleconference calls for all 3 of our collaboratives for 2009 and 2010.  SHM has been a strong supporter of QI initiatives amongst hospitalists throughout the country, as demonstrated by their multiple active collaboratives including BOOSTing Care Transitions and Glycemic Control Mentored Implementation (GCMI) program. Their success has taught us many lessons regarding the resources needed for ultimate success within our own Network.  We certainly appreciate their support.  For more information regarding SHM's QI programs that may help our own Network develop further, please take a look at their website: .