Value in Inpatient Pediatrics Network


As clinicans dedicated to the improving the quality of care for hospitalized children, we are focused on reducing the unecessary variation in care for the common clinical conditions of hospitalized children.   Some examples of these include:

 1. Utilization of bronchodilators, steroids, Cxrays, RSV testing, CPT, pulse oximetryetc in the management of acute viral bronchiolitis

 2. Utilization of  IV Vancomycin in the management of Skin-Soft Tissue infections

 3. Utilization of stool studies, cbc/blood cultures, IV hydration vs ORT in acute viral  gastroenteritis.

4. The length of IV Abx therapy for UTI infectons in infants less than 3 months of age.

5. 1st line choice of antibiotics for hospitalized Community Acquired Pneumonia


The list goes and on...the VIP Network is committed in sustaining learning collaboratives with the aim of disseminating best practices and reducing unecessary variation and waste to improve the value of care for our pediatric patients.